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This machine is suitable for sectional warping various kinds of yarns, including worsted yarn, high twisted filaments, yarn for color-woven fabric, for silk fabric, for towelling fabric and fabric in special industry. This machine, which can match water-jet, air-jet, rapier and projectile looms, is the equipment for preparation before weaving.
⊙The traverse of warping operation panel is accurately controlled byservo motor.The starting point setting and stripe setting can be achieved automatically once by pressing the button.
⊙The foward and back movement of warping operation panel is accurately controlled by a step motor, so that the distance bewteen space reed and yarn on drum is conslant and the distance is optional.
⊙To keep the yarn on the drum can gain constant speed when winding and unreeling, the new technology, AC frequercy converter speed adjustment device, which controlled by computer to realize the stepless monitor, is put into parctice.
⊙The machine is braked by an electro-mechanical-hydropneumatic device during warping. The beaming tension control adopted external steel strip damping, which eliminates the noise and uneven tension problems occurred in the traditional clamping type damping. The optional automatic power control system can be equipped according to the requirements.
⊙By means of microcomputer and PLC, the count of total length, cut length,strip and broken and memory, stop motion, warp stopmotion and broken-end memory function operate reliablly.
⊙The man-machine interface is a large screen TSS(touching sensor screen),which offers a clear picture, stores much information and operates easily.
⊙The movement of the frame on the rail is controlled by servo motor, with the cross reed and bobbin creel fixed. So the stripes keep in linear shape and yarn tension is constant during the process.
⊙The joint of the steel drum(cone angle 1:6.3) and the high precision servo motor is almost perfect enough to suit any type of warping.
⊙Two types of beaming part are available.The first one, with the whole part movable, can match different types of warping part, waxing oiling device or press roller can be added.The second one, fixed type, is simple structure and easy operation. According to the customer’s request, different bobbin creel, spindle number and spindle spales can be made.
⊙Single-post type tension device, two-post type tension device and three-post type tension device are available.
⊙Warp stop motion and static eliminator is optional.Warping Machine